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The Shepherds  

The Shepherds (French)

15 min 8 to 10 13 to Adult A story of the announcement of the Messiah's birth to the Shepherds.  This play touches down on the humility of the birth of Jesus and our proper response to him.  A humorous beginning but serious when it's suppose to be.  
Mr. Wilson Finds Christmas 20 min 10 to 15 13 to Adult (5 minor roles can easily be played by younger students) A unique story of a modern day millionaire that comes to understand the true meaning of Christmas after a lunch with an old friend from high school and having his home broken into.  What seems to be a disaster turns out to be a blessing.  This play is best played out as half stage performance half video projection, although the video scenes can easily be done on stage.  Check out a churches production and overview of this play at... http://quebecbaptistchurch.homestead.com/youthxmas200210.html
The Magi
A Journey of Faith
20 min 11 to 14 13 to Adult (4 minor roles can easily be played by younger students) A story of the Magi's journey to Bethlehem to worship the promised King of the Jews.  On their journey the Magi run into physical and spiritual trials.   They learn about walking by faith as the star is obscured from their sight for a number of days.  Upon arriving in Jerusalem they find a people ignorant of the birth of their Messiah and a king that is cunning, cruel and crazed.  The challenge at the end of the play is to be like the wise men and seek after God and not be like Herod who would not give up the throne of his life.
Simeon and Anna  20 min 10 to 14 13 to Adult (5 minor roles can easily be played by younger students)
An embellished story of the day the Simeon was led to meet baby Jesus at the temple.  At the temple a sinner that does not have a sacrifice to offer is comforted by the prophetess Anna.  This play incorporates the scoffer from Proverbs, the self righteous Pharisee, the every day average Israelite, but most important, God's mercy towards a sinner.  Very powerful ending!
The Perfect Fit 20 to 25 min 10 to 12 (more can easily be added) 13 to Adult  (One role should be played by a younger girl in grade 4, 5, or 6). We may not always know where are giving goes, but God does.  In this play we see how through the faithful giving of one family, God provides for another family's need.  Also in the play, children of an upper-class Christian family learn a lesson about how truly blessed they are when they have an unexpected encounter with a poor mother and her daughter when an elevator they're on breaks down  At the end of the play the audience learns that Christmas is not only about giving but that it is primarily about receiving; and that God would like nothing more than for all of them to receive the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.
The Christmas Competition 20 min 10 to 14 13 to Adult, but some parts can be played by younger students. This story is about two rival neighbourhood families who through their constant efforts to out due each other lose site of the true meaning of Christmas.  It is only till things go terribly awry that, through the help of friends, the two families begin to gain an understanding of what Christmas is really about.  Very humorous!
Christmas In Iraq 20 to 30 min depending on music choice. 9 (although parts can be added or deleted) 12 to Adult This story is about a young boys struggle with faith in God as his father is sent to do service in Iraq.  Things get worse for a while as his father is reported as missing in action.  But through prayerful help of friends and the faithfulness of God things take a turn for better.
A Christmas To Remember 15 to 20 min 12 - 15 12 to Adult Coming Soon
Angels On Assignment 20 min 15 (although parts can be added or deleted) 12 to Adult (Some parts can be played by younger students) An excellent play about the Christmas Story as seen from a heavenly perspective.  The angels of the Lord are assigned their duties to communicate God's messages to Zacharias, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds.  You must read this play through to the end as the last few lines really make the play quite thought provoking!