Mr. Wilson Finds Christmas

BY Andre A. A. Lederer

�2000, 2001







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STAGE SCENE I (The Home Of Mr. And Mrs. Wilson)

The setting for this scene is the living room of the Wilson home. The Wilson 's are very wealthy and have a nicely decorated place. On a coffee table there is a manger scene where Tom (their son) is playing with the characters.

MOTHER:                   Hey, I like the way you've arranged the manger scene Tom.

TOM:                           Oh, thanks Mom.

MOTHER:                   But, uh, where are the wise men?

TOM:                           Well, the Wise Men actually don't come to see Jesus for another two years after he's born, so I put them on the coffee table to show that they're on their way.

MOTHER:                   Oh, that's pretty neat dear.

MR. WILSON:            [Mr. Wilson shouts off stage] Honey do you know where my wallet is?

MOTHER:       It's in the kitchen on top of the fridge where you left it!

MR. WILSON:            [Not hearing his wife Mr. Wilson shouts back] It's ok, I found's right here on top of the fridge!

MR. WILSON:            Honey, have you seen my briefcase?

MOTHER:                   It's right by the front door... where you left it.

( Mr. Wilson enters the scene)

MR. WILSON:            Oh, there's my briefcase by the door... Boy do I have a busy day today!

MOTHER:                   Oh?

MR. WILSON:            Yeah, I've got our pre-Christmas strategic marketing meeting this morning and then at lunch I'm meeting an old friend from high school.

MOTHER:                   Oh really? Who's that?

MR. WILSON:            Only the wildest party animal that Hamilton High ever turned out. His name is Gerry Tillman. He gave me a call yesterday and said that he wanted to talk to me. Yeah, Tiller and I used to play football together in high school. I was the better player of course. [Mr. Wilson makes a football passing gesture] But anyway, we seem to have lost contact a few years ago when he went to work up North. Tiller was the wildest guy in school and always full of surprises...Hey, what time is it? [Mr. Wilson looks at his watch] Wow, I've really got to get going!

MOTHER:                   Hold on a minute dear. You promised Tom that you would listen to him say is Christmas play verse since you won't be going to the concert tonight. [Mrs. Wilson says this in a pointed way]

MR. WILSON:            Look, I said I'm sorry but it's our busiest time of the year, everyone in the office is working overtime, you know that.

 (Mr. Wilson turns to Tommy)

MR. WILSON:            Ok, son, let me hear it. [Father, not really listening puts on his coat and ties his shoe as Tom says his verse.]

TOM:                           Ok. "And the angel said unto them, Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people:
for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
And this is the sign unto you: Ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger." Luke 2 verses 10-12

(There is a moment of silence, as father is not really paying attention.)

TOM:                           So, what do you think Dad?

MR. WILSON:            Oh, oh yeah, great, that was really good. [Rubs his kids head]. Ok, we'll see you all later!

(Mr. Wilson is goes out the door.)

MOTHER:                   Don't forget your briefcase!

Mr. WILSON:             Oh yeah, my briefcase. [Mr. Wilson grabs his case] Bye everyone!

TOM:                           Bye dad!

MOTHER:                   Bye honey.

VIDEO SCENE:  (The Drive to Work)

Mr. Wilson leaves his home and walks toward a modern sedan as the limo is in the shop for repairs. The chauffer exits the vehicle and walks around to open the backdoor for Mr. Wilson.

CHAUFER:                 Good morning, sir.

MR. WILSON:            Good morning, Jeeves.

[Mr. Wilson enters the car]

CHAUFER:                 You're up early this morning, sir.

MR. WILSON:            Well, this is our busiest time of year Jeeves. Everybody's putting in long hours.

CHAUFER:                 Right sir.

MR. WILSON:            Jeeves, where's the limo this morining?

CHAUFER:                 It's being repaired, sir, so I thought I'd take my vehicle.

MR. WILSON:            Well, it's a little snug but it's clean.

(As they drive down the road, Mr. Wilson looks outside the window and notices an overly decorated house.)

MR. WILSON:            That's a little overboard.

MR. WILSON:            [Sees another house that is excessively decorated] Ha, there's another one!

MR. WILSON:            Jeeves, what do you make of all this glitz and glamour surrounding Christmas?

CHAUFER:                 Well sir, I think it's quite pretty but, if I may sir, it doesn't at all capture the true meaning of Christmas.

MR. WILSON:            Which is?

CHAUFER                  Well sir, I believe that Christmas is about God sending his Son, born as a baby into our human race, to save us from our sins.

MR. WILSON:            Well, the way I see it, Christmas is a time of stress and an opportunity for companies like mine, to make a killing. That's the way I look at it.

CHAUFER:                 I'm sorry sir, but with all due respect, perhaps you're not looking hard enough.

This stage scene takes place at Mr. Wilson's toy company and is divided into two separate areas: A hallway scene and the boardroom scene. The hallway scene can take place in one of the aisles in your church while the boardroom scene takes place on the main stage. If you do not want to make much of a scene change from the first scene (Wilson's living room) to the second scene (boardroom), try covering the first scene's props with sheets. Then have one of the actors comment that the painters have not finished painting the boardroom. This way the only props you'll need for the boardroom scene is a table and a few chairs.


Before Mr. Wilson walks down the hallway, Babs and Jessica are having a chat. Babs and Jessica are both upper-class snobs who think of little else than making money and how they can spend it.

BABS:                         I know that Mr. Wilson will just love our plan!

JESSICA:                    How could he not like it, it's perfect. And just think what this mean for us.

BABS:                         Yes, just think what it will mean...What will it mean?

JESSICA:                    A raise dummy... [Babs still looking puzzled so Jessica puts it in terms that Babs can understand] Another fur coat for you and a trip to Hawaii for me.

BABS:                                     Oh yes of course. How silly of me...

(Mr. Wilson walks down a hallway in his toy factory (church isle) and is greeted by his employees.)

BERNIE:                      Good morning, Mr. Wilson.

MR. WILSON:            Good morning, you're looking good.

RALPH:                       Good morning Mr. Wilson sir.

MR. WILSON:            Hey there, all ready for Christmas?

RALPH:                       Yes sir.

MR. WILSON:            Good stuff.

FREDY:                       Mr. Wilson could you please sign here to accept shipment of 200 square yards of red felt?

MR. WILSON:            Absolutely, we don't want to hold up progress!

(Mr. Wilson then meets Babs and Jessica at the end of the procession.)

MR. WILSON:            Good morning ladies.

BABS and JESSICA:   [in unison] Good morning Mr. Wilson

MR. WILSON:            Are you all ready for the meeting at eleven Jessica?

Jessica: Oh yes, Mr. Wilson,

MR. WILSON:            [Turns to Babs] Say, did you do something different with your hair?

BABS:                         Yes, I just had it done yesterday.

MR. WILSON:            Well, it looks very nice. All right then, we'll see you both at eleven.

(Mr. Wilson walks away toward the stage.)

BABS:                         Well, what do you know, he noticed my hair and he remembered your name! This has the makings of a great morning! [Jessica and Babs must quickly run back to enter the main stage.]

MR. WILSON:            [Phones his secretary from his cell phone off of the main stage] Mrs. Smith, please gather everyone for the status report meeting in the 4th floor boardroom for 11 o'clock. [Hangs up phone]

(Mr. Wilson must now get ready to enter the main stage)


Jessica and Babs walk into the Boardroom and find John sitting at the table glancing over some notes. John is a Christian and a very upright and honest individual. Jessica and Babs both greet John in a very unenthusiastic way.

JESSICA:                    Hi John

BABS:                         [following right away] Hi John

JOHN:                         Goodmorning Babs, Jessica [He says in a polite business tone]

(The two ladies sit down)

BABS:                         Say Jess, how would you like to come shopping with me after work today?

JESSICA:                    I�ll be there!

BABS:                         Great!�I�ve worn this outfit to work three times already.

(Mr. Wilson enters.)

MR. WILSON:            Good morning everyone. (Everyone says good morning). Man, haven't they finished painting this boardroom yet?

BABS:                         I know, this smell is so strong... I can't imagine that it's good for my complexion.

MR. WILSON:            Well then, lets make this quick shall we? John what's the sales report on the 'Tickle -me -Tiger' toy line.

JOHN:                         We've sold over 30 million , sir ,but sales are still tapering off.

MR. WILSON:            Lynn, what's our strategy for the rest of the month.

BABS:                         [excited] Well sir, Gail and I propose that we deliberately cut back on shipping to our retail stores to create a demand.

JESSICA:                    Then with only a few days before Christmas we'll flood the markets. People will be so excited they'll pay any price for our Tickle -me -Tigers.

MR. WILSON:            [Impressed] Huh, Sounds like a pretty good plan, can we do it?

BABS:                         Just say the word, sir, and it will be done.

JOHN:                         [stands up in protest] Just a minute sir, with all due respect, your not going along with this scheme are you?

MR. WILSON:            And why not?

JOHN:                         Sir, it's just plain manipulative! For pity's sake, Sir, it is Christmas. Not everything is about making money. Not to mention that this scheme goes against the Christian principles your father established this company upon.

(Mr. Wilson gets up an moves over to John and places his hand on John�s shoulder)

MR WILSON:             [Thoughtful but underhanded] Well, [Mr. Wilson rubs his chin] there's only one thing to say then. John ...your fired. You may leave.

JOHN:                         Well sir, if you think that's best...

(John picks up his case and leaves with dignity and does not slam the door.)

MR. WILSON:            All right then, Babs, Jessica, carry on with your plan. I'm going for lunch!


VIDEO SCENE II  (Lunch scene)

This scene can be shot at a restaurant or anywhere that you have tables and chairs at your disposal. If the scene is not shot at a restaurant make sure you have as many props as you need to make it look like a restaurant. (Hint, if you are using a digital video camera and editing software add background music in during the editing process.)

MR. WILSON: [Enters restaurant and walks over to greet Tiller who's sitting down] Hey, hey Tiller, look at you! [Tiller stands up to greet Max and the two men playfully punch each other in the shoulders etc.] How long has it been?

TILLER:                       Well, it must be close to 9 years now.

MR. WILSON:            Man, how time flies.

WAITRESS:                Good afternoon gentleman. My name is Cindy; I'll be your server for today. Can I get you something to drink before I take your order?

MR. WILSON:            We'll have a bottle of your best red please.

TILLER:                       Oh, ah...thanks Max but I'll just have a coke.

MR. WILLSON:          [A little shocked] Oh,...well then...two cokes it is.

TILLER:                       So what's new with you Max? The last time I saw you it was at your wedding.

MR. WILSON:            Well, I've been pretty busy over the last few years.  I've got three kids and a growing business.

TILLER:                       Yes I've heard that you've inherited your fathers business. You must be a busy man.

MR. WILSON:            Yeah, sometimes too busy. I can't even make it to my son's Christmas play tonight. But, those are the costs...(moment of silence as Mr. Wilson ponders) But enough about me, what's been happening with you.

TILLER:                       Well, I've been meaning to talk to you for the longest time now. You know that I went to work up north a few years back, eh?

MR. WILSON:            Yeah...

TILLER:                       Well, while I was up there I met a fellow named Jerry Parker. Jerry is a Christian.

MR. WILSON:            Yeah, so.

TILLER:                       No, I mean he is a real Christian. He is honest, upright, always concerned for others. He talked to me about the reason why God sent his son into the world. Max, I know this sound strange, but I believed what he told me and I gave my life over to Jesus Christ and...well, now I'm a missionary.

MR. WILSON:            A missionary? Tiller, is this really you?


TILLER:                       Max, Do you remember that 'Young Peoples' group we used to attend at the little church?

MR. WILSON:            Well...I remember some...

TILLER:                       Do you remember the speakers, and the devotions we had there...those messages were true. I came to realize that in a very personal way when I was up north. [Pause] Look...I knew I'd be passing through town, I felt that I needed to tell you. (long pause)

MR. WILSON:            Well, I guess I was right...

TILLER:                       How so?

MR. WILSON:            You are full of surprises.

TILLER:                       I suppose you want me to stop talking about this now eh?

MR. WILSON:            [Thoughtfully],, tell me more.

TILLER:                       Here, let me show you something from the Bible...

(Tiller Pulls out a pocket New Testament and begins to show the scriptures to Max. The scene fades out.)


VIDEO SCENE III (Thug scene at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson)

Black Van pulls up to the Wilson's residence.


Thug 1:                         [Driver turns around and faces the other robbers in the back seat] Now gentlemen, this looks like a good place.

Thug 2:                         Wow, Isn't this the place of the rich toy making dude?

Thug 3:                         Yeah! I'll bet there's some good pickings in there.

Thug 1:                         Hey did you bring the crowbar?

Thug 2:                         It's right here man.

Thug 3:                         I've got the sacks and the flashlights!

Thug 1:                         All right, lets go, lets go!

The thugs dash out of the van and run up the driveway with sacks, flashlights and crowbar in hand. Using a crowbar, one of them pries open the door. As they run into the home the video stops and the scene continues on stage with the thugs bursting through the door.


STAGE SCENE III (In the home of Mr. And Mrs. Wilson)

On stage the thugs begin to turn over tables, chairs, lamps etc. One of them takes Tom's manger scene and dumps it off the table onto the floor. From here the thugs open the door that leads to the room where the Christmas presents are. (This room is offstage. It is the same door that Mr. Wilson entered in the first scene)

Off stage in the living room:

Thug 1:                         Hey man, someone was supposed to get DVD player for Christmas!

Thug 2:                         Hey, I've got a PlayStation. Thanks, Santa [he says sarcastically]

Thug 3:                         Hey, help me tip over this bookcase.

Thug 2:                         Ok...[a loud thud sound is heard as the bookcase hits the floor]

Thug 3:                         Hey hey, look at what I got.

Thug 1:             What?

Thug 3:                         It's a Bible.

Thug 2:                         Ah, that ain't worth nothin'. Chuck it away!

Thug 1:                         OK, come on, let's go.  Grab the bags and go!

Thug 2 and 3:               Yeah, let's go, come on!

The thugs exit the living room and come back on stage. They run across the stage to the door that leads to the outside.


VIDEO SCENE IV (Thugs exit house and Mr. Wilson goes home)

As soon as they leave the stage door leading to the outside, the video scene begins showing them running out of the house and down the driveway with bags in hand.
The thugs enter the van and speed away.


MR. WILSON:            [stuffing papers in his briefcase] Man, what a day...Jeeves, put on some music.

CHAUFER:                 Well, ah... all I've got is my music if that's ok with you sir.

MR. WILSON:            Sure, put it on.

(The song the chauffer plays is "I'd Rather Have Jesus" by George Beverley Shea. Mr. Wilson rolls his eyes a little but then listens with a surrendered attitude. This song is a key part of the play as it speaks of a person considering Jesus more important than material possessions).

CHAUFER:                 [noticing that Mr. Wilson felt a little uncomfortable with the song selection] Ah...I can turn it off if you like sir.

MR. WILSON:            No, no...lets listen for a little while.

(As they approach Mr. Wilson's home, Mr. Wilson looks out the window of the car and notices a suspicious van drive by down his street. Mr. Wilson then looks ahead and notices that his front door is open.)

MR. WILSON:            What! Why is my door open? They shouldn't be home from the Christmas program yet.

CHAUFER:                 I'll call the police sir!

MR. WILSON:            Right!

(The next video scene shows Mr. Wilson running up the steps of his home but then cautiously slowing down a few feet before the door. He slowly enters his home. As Mr. Wilson passes through the doorway the video stops and the last stage scene begins.)


STAGE SCENE IV (Mr. Wilson Enters His Home)

Mr. Wilson enters the scene and slowly walks through the vandalized home. He picks up an overturned chair and places it back. Then he moves toward the center of the stage.

MR. WILSON:            [noticing the overturned manger scene] Oh ...Tom's manger scene. [Mr. Wilson picks up the scene an begins to put the characters back into place. He then look at the figure of Jesus in the manger and ponders for a moment. His thoughts are interrupted however, as he remembers the Christmas presents in the other room.

MR. WILSON:            Oh, the presents! [Mr. Wilson goes off stage to examine the damage in the rest of the house.]

MR. WILSON:            [off stage] Oh no...what a mess...the presents are all gone. Ah, they pushed the bookcase over ...oh, what's this? [Mr. Wilson picks up the Bible that the crooks discarded]

(Mr. Wilson walks on to the stage with a Bible in his hand. He flips through a few pages and begins to read for a few seconds silently to himself.
Mother, Tom and the Chauffer enter the scene. They all look around at the mess.)

MR. WILSON:            It's OK. Whoever it was is gone.

CHAUFER:                 The police should be here in a minute, sir.

MR. WILSON:            Thanks Jeeves

TOM:                           [softly, fearing the worst] Dad, are all the presents gone?

MR. WILSON:            Yes, son, they're all gone.

MOTHER:                   Oh I can't believe it.  Our Christmas is ruined!

MR. WILSON:            [calmly] Actually...this may be the best Christmas we've ever had.

MOTHER:                   What, what do you mean?

TOM:                           Dad what's that in your hand?

MR. WILSON:            We'll actually, this is your Grandfather's Bible, I found it in the other room amidst all the mess. [Pause] I've been thinking a lot about Christmas today, and I think I just realized what it's all about...[placing his hand on Tom's shoulder] Tom, could you please tell me your scripture verse again.

TOM:                           Sure dad, ..."And the angel said unto them, Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people: for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

MR. WILSON:            I think that's what it's about, son. That's what it's all about.

The acting portion of the production is over. At this time have one of the actors or someone else sing "Id Rather Have Jesus" from the church hymn book. During the first verse have all the characters walk on stage. Have Mr. Wilson address the congregation, asking them to join in the singing of the remaining verses.

After the end of the play you may want to show the outtakes from the footage that you've shot. At the end of the outtakes you may want to have a telephone conversation with Mr. Wilson and John (the person that was fired) where Mr. Wilson apologizes to John and offers him his job back.  You may want to wait for a while after the play has ended as it may take away from the moment.

God Bless You!